3 Steps To Finally Lose Those PoundsOver 95% of dieters regain weight.
Keeping fat off requires greater calorie-awareness than following a diet. You must precisely balance the calories you eat and burn to prevent a stored calorie surplus. But...

Studies show people are off by up to 100% when guessing how many calories they eat and burn.
With little calorie-awareness to guide them, people may attempt to exercise more to manage their weight, but that makes them feel like eating more. Relying on feel to balance calories doesn't work!

Follow these 3 Steps to finally lose those pounds:

  1. Measure changes in your muscle and body fat levels...
  2. Monitor your diet and activity, and...
  3. Modify your energy balance. Follow the numbers and form the habits that make weight control automatic for life!

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How can you begin taking the 3 Steps to Finally Lose Those Pounds?
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