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The Body Fat Guide


Working out harder & eating less 
food reduces muscle more than fat!

Get on track and look & feel BETTER, not WORSE!

by Ron Brown
Author of THE BODY FAT GUIDE- Download FREE E-Book

RE YOU in a workout rut? Were you encouraged with your results when you first started training, but have your results stalled? You could be exercising and dieting too hard! Whether your goal is losing body fat or gaining lean body mass, or both, the following information should help you get back on track.

Losing Fat
To lose body fat you have to eat fewer calories than your body burns. But the type of calories your body burns is very important: either aerobic or anaerobic calories.

Aerobic calories burn fat as your body breathes in oxygen. Low-intensity activities up to and including walking are mainly fat burning. However, as your body's need for energy becomes greater than your rate of oxygen intake, your body begins burning anaerobic calories.

Anaerobic calories burn glucose by converting a starch stored in your muscles known as glycogen. Since this doesn't require oxygen, anaerobic calories are used in very strenuous activities for short periods. The accumulation of lactic acid as a by product of anaerobic activity produces a burning sensation in the muscle. This symptom means you are burning glycogen, not fat. You can't feel fat burning!

Gaining Muscle
To gain muscle you have to eat more calories than your body burns. Here again, the type of calories your body burns is very important. Anaerobic calories burned from strenuous activities like weight lifting produces a

hypertrophic effect. With proper periods of rest to allow nutrient replenishment, the muscle gets bigger and stronger.

Separate Workouts I am sure you have seen commercials and ads for exercise products and programs that claim you can lose body fat and gain muscle at the same time. However, it is clear from the above that you can't eat fewer calories than your body burns at the same time that you are eating more calories than your body burns. It is therefore not possible to lose body fat and gain muscle at the same time, despite the advertising hype. The real solution is to separate your fat-burning days from your muscle-building days.

If you attempt to follow a calorie-restricted diet while burning anaerobic calories, you won't be eating enough to fully replenish your muscle. As a result, you will lose lean body mass. On the other hand, if you don't reduce your calorie intake while burning aerobic calories, your increased hunger will cause you to eat as much as you burn. The result is that you will not lose any body fat.

You have to carefully balance your total calorie intake with your total energy output to produce each distinct effect. However, many people are not capable of judging the correct 

balance by feel. Check to make sure your calorie intake and activities are moving you toward the right body composition goal. Click on the image below for 
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