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December 16, 1999

Back to the Weight-Loss Basics

"Don't eat fat. Don't eat carbs. Don't eat at night. Don't eat while standing up, watching tv or reading." Popular diet experts endlessly dispense a litany of weight-management rules to the public. But, if you are one of those who have tried following these rules and your pot belly is back, or it never left in the first place, searching for the latest rules from the top-ten list of fad-diet bestsellers may not be the answer.

"The public is mired in so much advice, they have lost all sight of the principles of weight management," says Ron Brown, weight management expert and author of The Body Fat Guide."We need to get back to the basics!"

Brown claims his book contains the easiest, safest, quickest and least expensive way to measure and permanently trim body fat. It shows people how to improve their body composition without restricted foods, unbalanced diets, drugs, supplements, surgery or strenuous exercise. "My book teaches each person to apply the basic principles of weight management to their particular diet and activity preferences. There is no list of Dos and Don'ts about what to eat and how to exercise. That doesn't work because each case is different."

Nevertheless, before people can apply these basics, Brown claims he usually must first expose the myths and misconceptions that keep people searching in the wrong direction. "The public is hesitant to follow the basics because they believe quick fixes are the answer," says Brown. "It turns out my most successful clients are the people who have repeatedly gained and lost weight with quick fixes, and who have finally learned to accept the truth that quick fixes for permanent weight control do not exist! Only then are they willing to go back to the basics."

As an example of how quick fixes are continually forced upon the public, Brown recalls his experience when submitting his book to major publishers. "I got back letters telling me they weren't interested in publishing sensible advice because it didn't sell as well as the latest quick fix. Well, sensible advice may not be as popular, but it works!"

Brown warns, "However, there are a lot of experts who claim to offer sensible advice in place of quick-fix diet fads. But, unfortunately, what these experts offer is largely outdated and ineffective information."

Brown points to the epidemic of obesity in our society as evidence that conventional health authorities are just as guilty as the fad-diet authors in failing to provide the public with the skills to successfully manage their weight. "You can't just tell the public to eat from the 4 basic food groups and get some exercise," says Brown. "Everyone has heard that advice, but, is it helping people manage their weight? NO! You can't expect people to manage their weight with that information alone. It's no wonder the public continues to look for alternative advice."

As a certified fitness trainer, Brown wrote his book to show his fitness clients how to balance their diet and activity to control their weight, no matter what, when or how much they eat, and no matter how active or inactive they are. "If there was already another book like The Body Fat Guide. on the market that offered this kind of information," he says, "I never would have had to write it myself!" Body Fat Guy Diet Myths Fat Guide Love Handles Body Fat Review
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