None of these best-selling diet books
teaches weight management:


by Ron Brown
Certified Fitness Trainer, author of The Body Fat Guide

A reader recently wrote:

"There are so many weight-loss programs on the market I just don't know where
to turn. I'm 50 years old and really want to develop good nutrition and an
exercise program for life. What do you recommend?"

Regardless what you eat or how much you exercise, there is only one way to permanently trim off body fat: You must eat fewer calories than your body burns each day to take off the body fat, and you must eat the same exact number of calories as your body burns each day to keep the body fat off. 

Do you know the correct number of calories to eat and burn each day to lose body fat and keep it off? Most people don't! If people followed the correct number of calories to eat and burn each day, they would have no problem managing their weight. Following the correct number of calories:

  • Eliminates guesswork.
  • Provides motivation.
  • Helps you set specific goals.
  • Gives you feedback to guide flexible adjustments toward your goal.
  • Allows you to include a wide range of food and activity choices.
  • Teaches you how to maintain your results by forming new lifestyle habits .

Research shows that people are more successful in modifying their lifestyle habits when they self-monitor their habits with specific monitoring and modifying the number of calories they eat and burn each day, and measuring changes in their body composition.  

However, no best-selling diet book that I know of teaches these numbers to people. So, no matter how much you diet and/or exercise, if you follow the programs in these books, you'll never manage to get permanent results. 

The Quick-fix Diet Industry

Why don't diet book authors teach people the exact number of calories they need to eat and burn to get permanent results? The answer has to do with the nature of the publishing business. For example, I once had a well-known New York literary agent show my book, The Body Fat Guide, to major diet-book publishers around the globe. The publishers all said they would never market my book because it was too sensible! They were only interested in marketing quick fixes.

You see, the major publishers know they can sell more diet books by attracting readers with programs that don't require the dieter to weigh, measure or count anything as part of a legitimate weight management program. However, if you never weigh, measure or count anything, you'll never learn anything about lifetime weight management! That's why over 95% of dieters who follow the programs in best-selling diet books regain their weight. 

You can't Manage what You don't Measure!

All popular diet programs result in temporary weight loss, but none teach you to manage your weight for life. Only The Body Fat Guide teaches you the scientific principles of weight management. The Body Fat Guide shows you how to measure changes in your body composition, monitor your diet and activity, and modify your energy balance, without unbalanced diets, restricted foods, drugs, supplements, surgery or strenuous exercise. This is the only way to form the new lifestyle habits that makes permanent weight control automatic for life.

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