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Welcome! I'm Ron Brown.
"Ron Brown is a certifted fitness trainer who doesn't have an inch of flab on his body.
He'll tell you how to get fit and trim too."
Carol Pearson, Talk To America, Washington DC

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The Body Fat Wizard allows you to:
  1. Set your body fat goals.
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    Choose how many  pounds of body fat you want to lose each day or each week. Your goal date is calculated.
  3. Set your calorie intake level.
    Choose your daily calorie intake allowance to reach your goal.
  4. Set your physical activity level.
    Choose your daily aerobic activity requirement to reach your goal.

Why Burn Fat the HARD Way?
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Losing 1 Pound of Body Fat A Day 

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Is loose skin unavoidable when losing large amounts of weight?

The Myth of Loose Skin

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Never Thin Enough

Why is the full recovery rate in anorexia so low?
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Maintaining Healthy Body Weight 
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The Problem with Animal Protein
Is that diet of egg whites and skinless chicken breasts really good for you?
Find out why low-fat animal foods may be worse for your health!

You don't exercise because you have no time or energy? 
You have it backwards. You have no time or energy because you don't exercise!

What's Your Excuse for Not Exercising?

Training to improve your shape shouldn't be a try-this-or-try-that method. 
Don't Begin Your Journey Without a Roadmap

Miss FirmbodyMeet Miss Firmbody in the Body Fat School

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DISCOVERED! The Primary Cause of Obesity

It ISN'T psychological, genetic, social or hormonal factors...and it ISN'T poor character, laziness, no willpower, and lack of motivation.

3 Steps To Finally Lose Those Pounds

3 Steps To Finally Lose Those Pounds

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Flab Fighters: Common Sense Weight Management That Works!

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Amy Loveright Romances

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Now Available: Your free online DAILY FOOD & ACTIVITY JOURNAL. Print out some pages and use them throughout the day. Record your physical activities and keep track of your calorie intake at mealtime. (This page is viewed best with Microsoft Explorer).

Also Available: Your free online ENERGY BALANCE CHART. Print and use copies of this chart to write down all your body composition and energy balance information. Follow the numbers on the chart as you form new habits, and permanently control your weight. Be sureto print this page in Landscape mode. Use the back button on your browser to return to this page.
Here's how to use the chart to lose body fat: When your daily calorie intake is 1000 calories less than your daily energy output, you will lose body fat at the suggested maximum rate of 2 pounds a week. In other words, in one week you will have lost 7000 calories, which is equal to 2 pounds of fat (3500 calories = 1 pound of fat). Unfortunately, if you try to lose body fat at a faster rate than this by crash dieting, or if you are dieting while burning anaerobic calories, watch your lean body mass (LBM) fade away, and your percentage body fat go up!
For more information about calculating your body composition and energy balance, see Percentage Body Fat Page.

Animated Tutorial: Learn to use the Energy Balance Chart with this Energy Balance Chart Tutorial.

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