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updated September 24, 2010


Bill Clinton's Clogged Arteries

by Ron Brown, author of The Body Fat Guide 

"Ron Brown is a certified fitness trainer who doesn't have an inch of flab on his body. He'll tell you what you can do to become fit and trim too." 
Washington DC


AFTER HAVING a quadruple bypass in 2004, former U.S. president Bill Clinton recently was admitted for a surgical procedure to unblock a coronary artery. Doctors explained that Clinton's diet had nothing to do with the regression of his coronary artery disease, and they blamed his problem on unknown causes such as genetics. What the doctors are really admitting is that they have no idea how to protect people from coronary artery disease, the leading cause of death in the world. A bypass procedure does not address the cause of the buildup of plaque in a patient's arteries, and it is not uncommon for patients who receive bypasses to re-experience arterial blockage after several years. David Letterman, are you listening?

The doctors who operated on the former president never gave an indication of exactly what foods comprised Bill Clinton's diet, but we can make some guesses. Articles published on the Internet have described president Clinton's commitment to eat a healthy diet by following the South Beach Diet program. This diet replaces fruits and natural carbohydrate plant-based foods with meat, fish, and other animal-based foods. If president Clinton's dietary modifications included the standard recommendations to reduce saturated fat by eating leaner cuts of meat, poultry, and low-fat dairy, its no wonder his arteries re-clogged. Only after he adopts a plant-based diet with less than 10% of calories from animal protein, as recommended by Dr. Campbell of The China Study, should other risk factors be blamed for the regression of his condition, such as smoking, salt intake, lack of exercise, drugs, and stress. 


The conventional medical establishment continues to support the lipid theory of atherosclerosis, which blames the buildup of arterial plaque on saturated fat and dietary cholesterol. However, there is much research evidence that animal protein causes an inflammatory vascular response which leads to the buildup of plaque, in much the same way as a continuous inflammation in other body tissues results in a hardened scaling or callous to form. A plant-based diet that reduces or eliminates animal protein has been shown to prevent arterial inflammation, and is effective in preventing and reversing coronary artery disease as well as many other chronic diseases. 

Instead of the South Beach Diet, president Clinton should pick up a copy of The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell to manage his arterial disease, and purchase The Body Fat Guide to manage his body composition and energy balance. Considering the amount of pizza and donuts The New York Times reported was consumed by Hilary Clinton and her staff during her presidential campaign, this former first couple has a lot to learn about healthy eating habits.


Addendum, September 24, 2010: President Clinton got the message and has been on a plant-based diet! Good luck, Bill!

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