The Official Newsletter of
May 6, 2000

Exercise LESS,
Lose MORE Fat!

by Ron Brown, author of The Body Fat Guide

"Ron Brown is a certified fitness trainer who doesn't have an inch of flab on his body. He'll tell you what you can do to become fit and trim too." TALK TO AMERICA, Washington DC


EVERYBODY knows someone who eats a lot, hardly exercises, and never has a problem keeping their weight down. And you? There you are, sweating, moving, aerobicizing and tai-boing your body all day long, only to watch it get fatter and fatter. You gain weight just from smelling the aromas as you walk past a bakery!

Don't you love it when some buffed aerobics instructor shouts to you, as you try to keep up with her routine, that your problem is you need to raise your metabolism higher with more exercise? Well, if you raise it any higher, your metabolism would be taller than the Empire State Building! 

Why does life seem so unfair? When it comes to using exercise to increase your metabolism 

and burn fat, you have released enough energy to light up an entire city. But, no matter how much you exercise to banish fat from your body, it doesn't budge. And even if you manage to get it down a bit, the fat either always comes roaring back, or those last few problem areas never go away!

Hi! I'm Ron Brown. As a professional fitness trainer, people often seek out my advice on how to trim off excess weight. Over the years, as I've worked with people who were struggling with their weight, I discovered many unknown truths about weight management. I would like to share some of my knowledge with you. So please continue reading this web page. I am about to tell you an incredible secret that will reverse the way you think about getting in shape...

Burning Fat Isn't The Problem

WE SEE the advertisements all around us, encouraging us to burn more fat with:

  • Diets

  • Special Foods

  • Drugs

  • Supplements

  • Exercise Programs & Videos

  • Exercise Equipment

They all promise to burn fat. You've used many or all of them, but, once again you find yourself still fat. Could it be that the promises in all these advertisements are false?...NO! All these items burn fat, just as they promise.

You see, it's really not difficult to find ways to burn fat. For example, did you know that over 60% of the energy you are burning as you sit reading this web page is coming from burning fat? So, why are you still fat? Because most people don't realize that burning fat isn't really the problem. When it comes to losing body fat, burning fat with more and more exercise isn't the same as losing body fat!

It doesn't matter how much you exercise, or raise your metabolism, or restrict yourself to certain foods and diets. No matter how much fat you burn while sweating along with your exercise video, if the balance between the calories you eat and burn isn't exactly right, you will never get rid of your excess body fat, and keep it off! It's really that simple...

I AM going to show you how to immediately start getting the right balance between how much you eat and burn. With this knowledge, you will be able to lose MORE fat with LESS exercise! You will also be pleasantly surprised to discover you can follow a normal balanced diet that allows you to:

  • Eat anything you want...
  • Eat whenever you want...
  • Eat as much as you want...
  • Be as active or inactive as you like...
...without gaining any body fat! You'll be able to trim off as much excess body fat as you like, and keep it off! You'll discover exactly why diets alone can't teach you to do any of this.

The Missing Ingredient

Scientists call the balance between the calories we absorb and burn our Energy Balance. Energy balance is the missing ingredient in the way most people attempt to manage their weight. Having a way to properly monitor and modify one's energy balance explains why someone can eat a lot and still not gain weight. In this case, regardless how much they eat and exercise, there are no surplus calories left over to be stored as excess body fat. Their diet and activity levels are in balance.

Energy IMBALANCE also explains why you fail to lose weight, no matter how much you exercise and attempt to restrict your eating...

MOST PEOPLE don't realize that the more they exercise, the more their hunger increases. If you are not very careful, you will naturally eat back all the calories you burn off with exercise, and thus receive no weight-loss benefits. Exercise alone, unless perfectly balanced with the right diet modifications, will never solve your energy imbalance problem. So how do you perfect your energy balance?

Most people attempt to manage their weight by feel. Although they may cut back their eating and increase their activity, it's very difficult to get just the right balance by feel. If you knew how to get the perfect balance between your diet and activity by feel, you would never have gained the excess weight in the first place!

When going by feel, most people rely on a combination of raw willpower, guesswork, and usually some quick-fix method that never gives lasting results. They often either overdo their diet and activity modifications or they under-do it. 

For example, either they cut back their calorie intake too drastically while over-exercising, which triggers a rebound binge and regained weight (or worse: eating disorders!), or, lacking superhuman discipline and determination, they never cut back enough to see results. In both examples, they never find that easy, just-right combination of diet and activity modifications that keeps their energy balance within a manageable range, and that produces results that last...

It's Easy To Be Normal

YOU DON'T need extraordinary abilities and willpower to get results and normalize your weight. It doesn't take an extraordinary effort to be normal. With the right information, it only takes a normal effort to be normal! Doesn't that make sense? But, doesn't it also make sense that no matter how much determination and desire you have, or how much effort you put into it, if you lack the right information you will always fail to get lasting results? You need to work smarter, not harder!

You don't need to eat and exercise perfectly to manage your weight. Regardless what you eat or how active you are, you just need to keep your energy balance within a normal and manageable range. 

It's very flexible. I'm going to show you the easiest, quickest, safest and least expensive way to keep your energy balance within a normal and manageable range, without restricted foods, unbalanced diets, drugs, supplements, surgery or strenuous exercise.

I'm going to provide you with an accurate measuring tool to precisely modify your energy balance until it becomes a habit. This tool is inexpensive and easy to use. It'll quickly show you when your energy balance is on track, and guide you to get back on track when you get off. It's flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of eating and activity choices. You shouldn't need the discipline of an athlete or the technical skill of a dietitian to manage your weight. You just need something that will help you form the lifestyle habits to automatically control your weight for life...

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