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February 12, 2000

Is Your Weight Problem Genetic?

The TV psychologist tells her audience, "People spend over 30 billion dollars each year in pursuit of their dream figure, but they are wasting their money, and developing unhealthy eating patterns. Trying to change your natural weight is like trying to change your natural eye and hair color. You can't do it because your natural weight is genetic."

Ron Brown, weight management expert and author of The Body Fat Guide, comments, "This psychologist knows how to sell her anti-dieting message as effectively as the diet industry sells its message. Her message is popular because people like to hear that they are not responsible for making an effort to manage their weight."

Brown claims the reason so many people fail to achieve their dream figure is not because of genetics. "It's because no one is teaching these people the principles of weight management," he says. "It's true that you inherit certain body shape characteristics. Bone size, muscle length, muscle fiber type and body fat distribution patterns are often associated with family traits. But, your total body weight and body composition is determined by the balance between your diet and activity habits."

Brown says there is no proof that a person's body weight is genetically preprogrammed, even though he admits that many people who temporarily reduce their weight with quick-fix diets will return to almost the exact same body weight each time. "It appears these people were programmed to be a certain natural weight, but that's because they return to the exact same eating and activity habits!" points out Brown. "Eating and activity habits may run in families, but that doesn't mean those habits are genetic. They are progressively developed. With the right tools, anyone can monitor and properly adjust the balance between their diet and activity, and form new habits. But, without using the right monitoring tools, people will continue to depend on willpower and quick-fix diets alone to manage their weight, and that never lasts."

Where do you find the right tools to properly modify your diet and activity? "My book, The Body Fat Guide, provides the easiest way to measure and permanently trim body fat," answers Brown. "It shows you how to properly balance your diet and activity without restricted foods, unbalanced diets, drugs, supplements, surgery or strenuous exercise. It's not how much you eat and exercise that counts. It's the balance between the two that determines your body weight and body composition. Once you get the right diet and activity balance, you can control your weight while you eat what you want, when you want, and as much as you want, and while you are as active or inactive as you like. Eventually, balancing your diet and activity becomes a new habit, and managing your weight becomes automatic for life."

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