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Update July 24, 2003

Large Waists & Erectile Dysfunction
GENTLEMEN, women have a new concern when sizing up your pot belly. The larger your waist, the less likely you will be able to perform in bed! According to the American Urological Association, large-waisted men are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than those with trimmer waists.

Ron Brown, weight management expert and author of The Body Fat Guide, says a waist that is too large for your weight indicates a high body fat percentage. "Despite how much a man weighs, if your waist size is too large for your weight, your body fat percentage will be high enough to negatively affect your health. That can reduce your sexual prowess."

Studies have shown that women consider men more attractive when a man's waist-to-hip ration is normal. In this case, there appears to be a link because physical attractiveness and health that goes beyond infertility, at least 

when one's waist size is concerned. Brown says a high body fat percentage associated with a large waist is a risk factor in heart disease, high blood pressure, and non-insulin dependent diabetes, which can cause impotence because of circulation problems. So how can you quickly check your body fat percentage?

"My web site contains free weight/waist tables that indicates if a man or a women is above or below a healthy body fat percentage," says Brown. "If you are over the healthy range, don't expect to permanently lower your body fat percentage with a quick-fix crash diet. That makes you lose muscle, which slows down favorable changes in your body fat percentage!"

Brown's program guarantees to teach you to lower your body fat percentage by at least 1% a week, and keep it within a healthy range. Your partner might appreciate that! Body Fat Guy Diet Myths Fat Guide Love Handles Body Fat Review
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