The Official Newsletter of
November 5, 2000

Latest Diet Craze
-The FLU!

by Ron Brown, author of The Body Fat Guide
 "Ron Brown is a certified fitness trainer 
who doesn't have an inch of flab on his body. 
He'll tell you what you can do to become fit and 
trim too." TALK TO AMERICA,
Washington DC

IN a hurry to drop 10 pounds? Why not take a trip to your local doctor for a dose of the flu? After several days of fever and vomiting, you should easily fit into those new clothes you bought. 

Sound crazy? Don't try to convince Dr. Ng's patients of that. Dr. Ng, who practices in the Los Angeles area, prescribes for his patients pills that contain a live dose of the influenza B virus. He claims his patients, including models and actresses, are willing to be contaminated with the flu as a weight-loss quick fix.

I was recently invited to speak to Dr. Ng on a live radio interview out of Los Angeles. I pointed out to the radio audience that Dr. Ng's results are mainly due to water loss. Even though one loses weight, one looks

flabbier and haggard with less muscle mass.

Dr. Ng freely admits his treatment is merely a temporary quick fix, but he sees nothing wrong with that. In fact, he stated that many people are not capable of ever learning to properly manage their weight. I wonder how he knows that if he has never provided them with an effective weight management program in the first place.

I suggested to Dr. Ng that along with his flu viruses he should also provide his patients with a referral number to the nearest eating disorder counselor. I pointed out that the type of purging behavior his treatment provides is associated with eating disorders, such as bulimia. Dr. Ng responded that most of his patients already have eating disorders! Obviously, he sees no harm in further exploiting their suffering.

To add a facade of legitimacy to his purging treatment, Dr, Ng asked if I would be interested in joining his program. He suggested I could provide the follow-up to his treatment, where his patients learn the proper way to manage their weight. 

Edged on by the talk-show host, Dr. Ng eventually offered me close to 1/4 million dollars to participate in his program. I turned him down.

I pointed out that my mission is to educate people away from the type of quick-fix mentality perpetuated by people like Dr. Ng.

Offering a quick fix to lure people into learning to manage their weight does not justify the damage done by the quick fix.

Whether one chooses to purge with viral contamination, laxatives, induced vomiting, parasitic infestation (swallowing tape worms) or excessive exercise, the result is always deleterious to one's health and is never the solution for permanent weight control.

For the easiest, quickest, safest and least expensive way to measure and permanently trim body fat, without harmful quick fixes, check out The Body Fat Guide.


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