I want to thank you so much for your site and your book! 

The whole "loose skin" problem had me really discouraged (belly, upper arms, and under chin) and I searched the web, only finding plastic surgery ads. I am 57 years old and so especially for "over 50" people they said plastic surgery is the only way. 

But what you wrote made sense and even though it was a little daunting to think of still losing more weight after all this - I have proceeded and I'm beginning to see a breakthrough - the first place it showed up was believe it or not under my chin. That area had diminished a lot since I lost so much but it "hung" a little and I figured it's my age and lack of skin elasticity or something.  

Well since I began losing more suddenly the remnants of the under-chin "loose skin" is gone!! My belly is gradually getting smaller but still loose and I do sit ups and leg lifts in addition to the regimen below, which has served me well - but I DO believe it is mainly FAT as you said - that keeps the area "loose" So I am determined to go ALL THE WAY - whatever I have to lose, I will do it, I just want to see. The under chin thing convinced me - since that area is hard to "tone" with exercise or anything - to see THAT go was like a miracle. It gave me faith that what you said really was the truth! Especially at my age, all the books etc say it is "lack of elasticity" but I guess I still DO have elasticity, it's just the fat under the skin that was holding me back!      

One of your most convincing examples - that got me started - was when you said "pinch the skin on the back of your hand" - and when I realized how thin skin really is, it made sense that what is hanging on areas of my body is fat, not skin! Also your mention of concentration camp victims and people who are starved from other crises - is useful too in showing how it is not "loose skin" that you see in "problem areas" 

I don't talk to people about weight in real (non-computer) life but I do online and I always recommend your book and site to anyone who corresponds with me. I am convinced that there is so much $$ to be made off fat people's suffering that it is hard to get a truthful answer to problems - except once in a while someone like you comes along. Yes you have a book - but at least the book tells the truth and is not set up so you'll fail and need some other "product" you're selling! And the plastic surgeons are worst of all, a lot of the sites you find on search seem to be convincing "medical" sites but when you look closer you see they are just another ad for a plastic surgeon.   
I have lost over 100lbs "my own way" - I cut down a lot, but eat foods I like, go heavy on fruits and vegetables, no sodas or sweetened drinks - don't even drink diet soda (yucch - it stinks anyway) just water, sometimes carbonated - but that's it. Work out an hour a day on cross-country skier (Nordic trac) which has really built me up - I hardly sweat, don't get winded any more if I'm rushing around in my daily life - even walking fast for a long distance doesn't get me winded. Plus the Nordic has I believe boosted my metabolism and made a big difference that "passive dieting" wouldn't I never talk to anyone about my diet, I stay to myself and exercise alone. It's better that way I've found. People torture fat people so I've found avoiding individual discussions as well as  "groups" (like those fitness centers like gyms and even "Curves" and the like and diet programs like Weight Watchers etc) 

Actually spoke to a plastic surgeon I respect - he did surgery on my son for grafts - and he said that while he does "tummy tucks" etc he ALWAYS tells patients to lose more weight before even considering such a thing.  
I wanted to get a cheaper model Pilates machine but can't afford it so I bought those Pilates exercise "bands" - a variety of tautness/thickness and use them too in my regimen to tone myself. This is the poor working-woman's way I know. But I'm convinced I'll do it and that this "pannis" will soon be history (it's so disgusting to me - after seeing how much better the rest of me appears!) and my upper arm hanging skin (also doing push ups on a chair - pushing body up from sitting using just arms - got that from a Jack LaLanne tape! - several times a day to increase muscle there, figured that can't hurt in addition to losing more fat) 

But it's Christmas and I wanted to thank you for being the only one who ever has info for regular people like me who can't afford fancy trainers and consultants. God bless you for telling the truth and thinking for yourself! Hope your Holiday is wonderful and your New Year bright and full of good things! 

P.S i don't mind you using my letter for a testimonial or whatever, just please don't add my email address - prefer to keep my privacy. All the best to you!  Thanks!  


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