For Immediate Release, September 20, 1999 
Prepare Now For New Millennium 
Weight-Loss Resolution

Weight loss ranks high on most people's New Year's resolution list. But, when the New Year is also the New Millennium, there could be greater pressure to turn typical weight-loss resolutions into significant milestones.

Ron Brown, author of The Body Fat Guide, says, "What better way to kick off the next millennium than with healthy lifestyle habits to permanently lower your body fat?" The problem is, many of us will find it difficult to keep those healthy resolutions for more than just a few hours into the New Millennium.

Brown admits, "It is easy to wake up on New Millennium day and announce that you will have new habits. But, chances are, if you fall back to your old pre-millennium ways by the end of the day, it's because you haven't given yourself enough time to progressively develop those new habits. You can't do it all on New Millennium day."

Brown suggests, "It's not too early to begin forming New Millennium lifestyle habits now. It really doesn't take much discipline and determination, as long as you use the right method. To lose weight and develop the habits to keep it off, I suggest an objective method that follows 3 steps, which I call the 3 M's of Weight Management:

  1. MEASURE changes in your body composition.
  2. MONITOR your diet and activity.
  3. MODIFY your energy balance, which is the balance between your calorie intake and calorie expenditures."

"Eventually," adds Brown, "your energy balance modifications will become new habits. And, you can do it all without following unbalanced diets or eliminating certain foods."

Brown claims his book, subtitled "The Easy Way To Analyze Your Body Composition and Energy Balance," provides all the tools you need to follow the 3 M's of Weight Management. Sounds like the perfect gift for the last Christmas of this millennium! Body Fat Guy Diet Myths Fat Guide Love Handles Body Fat Review
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