For Immediate Release, September 16, 1999  

Like the ebb and flow of the tides and the change of the seasons, Oprah Winfrey's rebounding weight appears to be an unstoppable force of nature. But weight management expert Ron Brown, author of The Body Fat Guide, says Oprah's ongoing weight problem is no mystery. He claims that even with all her personal trainers and diet chefs, Oprah lacks the skills to properly modify her diet and activities. Without these skills, no amount of dieting will give Oprah permanent weight control. Her weight keeps coming back.

At one time, Brown, a personal trainer himself, watched his clients regain their weight after dieting. He researched and wrote his book to teach his clients how to control their weight while eating and exercising as much or as little as they wanted. "It's so simple to learn and apply these weight management skills, anyone with normal discipline, time and ability can do it," says Brown. "You don't need  to follow unbalanced diets, take drugs or supplements, or perform strenuous exercise."

Brown claims the key missing ingredient in the way Oprah attempts to manage her weight is energy balance. "It's not how much she eats and exercises that counts," Brown says. "It's how the amount of calories she absorbs balances out with the calories her body burns. She doesn't have to avoid certain foods even though she may fear they are fattening. She can include any food as part of a balanced diet as long as she remains within her daily maintenance calorie allowance."

But, Brown claims Oprah, a cultural role model who influences millions also struggling with their weight, continues to be in calorie denial.

"Many people avoid calorie counting, preferring to manage their weight by feel," he says. "It's easy to temporarily lose weight by feel. All you have to do is correctly guess you are eating fewer calories than you are burning. But, the problem after losing
the weight is to feed yourself a proper amount of calories without storing extra calories as body fat. Ninety five percent of dieters can't successfully do this by feel, so they gain back their weight."

"Studies show many people are not very good at correctly guessing their calorie intake and expenditures," says Brown. "They need to follow the numbers. Can you imagine always trying to balance your bank account by feel without looking at the numbers?"

Brown's book contains a method that allows the reader to measure body composition changes as they monitor and modify their calorie intake and expenditures, which includes their resting metabolic rate. "The solution is not to obsess over calories," says Brown. "Just temporarily follow the numbers and get your diet and activity in balance until it becomes a new habit. Balanced lifestyle habits are
the key to permanent weight control for Oprah and for everyone else." Body Fat Guy Diet Myths Fat Guide Love Handles Body Fat Review
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