The Official Newsletter of
May 20, 2000

The #1 Secret 
to Keeping Off Weight

by Ron Brown, author of The Body Fat Guide

"Ron Brown is a certified fitness trainer                      
 who doesn't have an inch of flab on his body.                  
He'll tell you what you can do to get fit and trim too."            

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HOW MANY things go up and down more than your weight? The stock market, an elevator, a yo-yo, a roller coaster? You have tried everything: restricted foods, unbalanced diets, drugs, supplements, surgery, strenuous exercise. No matter how much you diet and exercise, the weight keeps coming back.

Everyone has heard how to keep weight off. Eat sensibly and exercise. But, few people are managing to do it. That's because no matter how much advice they have heard, and no matter how motivated they are to succeed, most people still don't know the #1 secret to keeping off weight. What is the #1 secret? Click for the answer.




ENERGY BALANCE is the #1 secret to keeping off weight! Your energy balance is simply the balance between how many calories your body absorbs and burns. Absorb more calories than you burn, and you gain weight. No matter what you eat or how much you eat, and no matter how active or inactive you are, your inability to properly modify your energy balance is the primary reason you can't keep the weight off!

And, if there is one thing diets NEVER do, it's teach you to properly modify your energy balance! In fact, diets purposely skip over all that boring energy balance stuff. They would rather keep you coming back to lose those same 10, 20, 30+ pounds over and over again.

Of course, there are many secondary factors that contribute to your weight problem. If all that food wasn't there tempting us in the first place, we wouldn't eat it. So, you could blame our abundant food supply. And why walk when you can take a car, train or bus? So, you can also blame our labor-saving devices. And your parents didn't have the best eating habits, so blame your genetics. And you often eat when you feel down in the dumps, so blame your emotions.

But wait, everyone gets down in the dumps, and no one can change their parents, and we sure aren't about to get rid of our labor-saving devices and abundant food supply. But, does that mean everyone should be overweight?... 

THE FACT is, you can't lose the weight until you lose the excuses. But, even if you lose the excuses, you still won't manage your weight until you properly modify your energy balance. So, how do you go about properly modifying your energy balance? By feel? Well, if you could get the proper balance between your diet and activity by feel, you would never have a weight problem in the first place, would you?

Burning Fat Isn't The Same As
Losing Body Fat

Just exercising more isn't the answer. Think about this: The more you exercise, the hungrier you get. If you then eat back all the 

calories you just burned with exercise, you aren't getting anywhere with your weight. Just burning fat and calories with exercise isn't the same as losing body fat. How do those few people who manage to keep weight off do it? Do they eat perfectly?

It's impossible for most people to eat perfectly most of the time. Even  people who manage to keep their weight off don't always eat perfectly. But nevertheless, somehow they still manage to keep their weight off. Therefore, eating perfectly isn't really the answer. Regardless of what they eat, these people have simply learned to keep their energy balance within a manageable range. So, how do you learn to do that?...

WHAT YOU need to manage your weight in the real world is the proper measuring tool to modify your energy balance. This tool should be inexpensive and easy to use. It should quickly show you when your energy balance is on track, and guide you to get back on track when you get off.  You'll need something flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of eating and activity choices. You shouldn't need the discipline of an athlete or the technical skill of a dietitian to manage your weight. You just need something that will help you form the lifestyle habits to automatically control your weight for life...

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