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"SEVENTY-FOUR per cent of the U.S. population 25 or older are overweight, up from 71 per cent just a year ago, 69 per cent in 1994, 66 per cent in 1992 and only 59 per cent 10 years ago, Louis Harris and Associates reported."
Associated Press, Feb. 1996

BETTY ROLLINS Rollin of NBC News recently reported that baby boomers weigh more than their parents weighed at the same age.

"MEASURING changes in one’s body composition is very valuable. You can then alter your training and diet program accordingly."
—Arnold Schwarzenegger, Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding

"IN THE NEXT few years calorie charts will become available telling you how many calories you can eat based on your pounds of lean body mass."—Covert Bailey, The New Fit or Fat, 1991

"AFTER THEY failed to achieve permanent weight control with conventional diets, I realized my clients needed what Covert Bailey predicted: up-to-date calorie charts to help them analyze their energy balance. Also, as Arnold suggested, they needed an easy way to measure their body composition. Having no other book to recommend, I wrote
The Body Fat Guide:
The Easy Way to Analyze Your Body Composition and Energy Balance.
"—Ron Brown, Certified Fitness Trainer

The Body Fat Guide

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