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updated January 9, 2013

Vegan Protein

by Ron Brown, Ph.D., author of The Body Fat Guide 

"Ron Brown is a certified fitness trainer who doesn't have an inch of flab on his body. He'll tell you what you can do to become fit and trim too." 
Washington DC


"WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN?" This is the number one question people ask vegans who eat no animal-based food products. Typical responses from vegans indicate that they are often either obsessively preoccupied with consuming enormous amounts of vegetable protein supplements, grain and legume products, soy milk, and seed and nut butters, all of which results in excessive intake of acid-forming substances that cause disease, or they go to the opposite extreme and ignore protein needs altogether, as most often occurs within the fruitarian movement. Both extreme behaviors eventually lead to serious health problems which abate as vegan behavior is eventually abandoned for more conventional dietary practices. 

What vegans require is a food source that provides a suficient amount of high quality and low acid-forming plant-based protein to adequately meet growth and maintenance needs. Fresh raw fruits and vegetables contribute valuable protein to a vegan diet, but a certain amount of high-quality protein must also come from nuts for optimal health.



As a natural source of high-quality raw vegan protein, the recipe for Dr. Brown's Coconut Milk Beverage comes to the rescue! Made from a delicious blend of sweet dates and fresh raw coconut milk, pour Dr. Brown's Coconut Milk Beverage over a bowl of dark green leafy baby vegetables with a sliced banana for a nutritionally complete meal. Or blend the baby greens and fruit together with the coconut milk as a green smoothie. Dr. Brown's Coconut Milk Beverage provides an excellent source of energy and bodybuilding nutrients needed by everyone, young and old, omnivore or vegan.

Here is the recipe to make Dr. Brown's Coconut Milk Beverage. Note that the basic ingredients are obtained exclusively from tropical palm trees.

Ingredients for 1 cup:

  1. 1 cup Coconut milk.
  2. 2 or 3 large pitted Dates.

Blend and serve.

Coconut milk for use in this recipe can be purchased in cans or boxes, although canned coconut milk usually contains preservatives and boxed coconut milk is usually heat pasteurized. Alternatively, you can make your own coconut milk from mature coconuts. Shell the coconut and blend the coconut meat with about 2 parts water. Coconut fiber may be strained from the coconut milk, however, it is probably healthier to consume the fiber in the coconut milk as a whole food.

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