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Discover why Quick Fixes are the HARD WAY to manage your weight!
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*You Can Do It! You can get lean and toned and STAY that way.

If you have the desire, all you need is one more ingredient...

I promise to get you started acquiring that knowledge right HERE and right NOW! And it won't cost you any more than a few minutes of your time to read this web page. I have helped thousands of people over the last few months through my web site, in newspaper reports, on radio and television interviews, and through retail sales of my book The Body Fat Guide.

People often ask me if my method of getting and staying lean and toned is easy.

Trying to permanently manage your weight with quick fixes is the HARDEST thing you will ever attempt to do, my friend!

I promise you my method is the EASIEST way to permanently lose body fat and improve your body composition.

Now, that doesn't mean my method is completely effortless. Nothing of real lasting value comes without first investing some effort. I'll show you how to properly APPLY a little effort to maximize your body's net worth.

I rarely meet people who aren't interested in improving their health and appearance. The question is....how much are they willing to pay for it? At first, their answer is, " LOTS!" Just look at the lucrative diet and fitness industries. But, how long are people willing to KEEP paying without seeing lasting results? Not long, my friend. Most people are too smart for that.

I'll show you how to work SMARTER, not HARDER! You see, it's not that people mind putting in the effort; it's that they expect to get back at least as much as they put in. But, if you don't use the proper method to work toward your desired body condition, don't expect to see lasting results. You are just wasting your:

I'll expose the DIET MYTHS that are sabotaging your weight. People ask me, "If your method is so great, why isn't the whole world using it?" Because they are too busy following DIET MYTHS! Look around, the results are obvious. The more health authorities and diet gurus preach their outdated, ineffective advice to the public, the fatter we are getting! Some health authorities claim that even if you never succeed at achieving your body weight goals,  you should be happy knowing that getting some exercise and watching what you eat is good for you! PUL...EEZE! No one doubts the health benefits of proper diet and exercise, but people also want and deserve to see tangible body weight results! I'll show you why following the usual advice to eat less and exercise more is a myth that rarely solves your body fat problems!

If anyone can present a more effective method to permanently trim body fat and improve your body composition that is:

...I will gladly promote that method to all my clients and customers.

You see, as a personal trainer I am in business to serve my customer's needs, and I am always looking for the best way to fill their needs. Long ago I realized my fitness clients needed proper weight management skills to maintain their weight on a wide variety of food and activity choices. They didn't need more diets, exercise programs or products that allowed their weight to come back when they stopped using these items. So, I spent years searching through all the information provided by the usual sources:

Although I picked up valuable information here and there, I realized that none of these sources offered a complete package that interlinked all of the many important aspects of weight management. So I repackaged this information myself to give to my fitness clients, and I am offering much of it to you now for free.

Why for free? Because I can't sell anything to you until I convince you that you can have an attractive and healthy body by following my method. Eventually, as you begin measuring your body composition and modifying your energy balance, you will realize the importance and usefulness of having my unique reference book by your side, The Body Fat Guide.

With my method, you won't learn a whole bunch of Do's and Don'ts about what to eat and how to exercise. That just leads to confusion because every case is different. Rather, you will learn the PRINCIPLES of weight management, and then apply them to YOUR diet and activity preferences. No matter what you eat or how active you are, you'll discover:

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