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April 22, 2001

Weight-Loss Plateaus

by Ron Brown, author of The Body Fat Guide

    "Ron Brown is a certified fitness trainer who doesn't
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Washington DC

YOU'RE READY to start a new diet and exercise program, full of motivation and determination. You've armed yourself with the latest weight-loss bestseller, and you jump right in. All is going well; the pounds are melting off. Sure, you miss some of your favorite foods, but you delay gratification for a while. After all, weight loss requires lots of discipline, hard work and denial, doesn't it?

Then one day you notice your results have slowed way down. You feel a bit discouraged, but you continue on with your program. Now, your results have stopped altogether. You are stranded on a plateau, and the longer you remain there, the more you can't resist those treats you have been denying yourself. 

Soon you break away from your program and begin to catch up on satisfying your appetite. Of course, not only do you regain all the weight you lost, you are now a few pounds heavier than when you started! After a few more attempts through this yo-yo cycle of dieting and bingeing, common sense tells you the long-term results aren't worth the effort. So you abandon your weight-loss program, permanently.

Where did it all go wrong? Is it your genes and hormones? Does your metabolism need to be driven higher? No, those only play a secondary role. Let's start with the first myth: It takes extraordinary hard work, discipline and denial to lose weight permanently.

Ordinary Discipline

The truth is that if you have enough discipline to manage to get through school, hold down a job, raise a family or run a household, in other words, if you have an ordinary amount of discipline, then you have more than enough discipline to manage your weight too. 

But, you will never manage your weight, no matter how much determination, motivation and desire you have, unless you learn the correct principles of weight management. That brings us to the next myth: A diet teaches you how to manage your weight.

The truth is you may need a diet to lose weight, but a diet alone can never teach you how to make the correct diet and activity modifications to break out of a plateau, to

reach your ultimate goal and to keep the weight off. 

A diet is only one small part of a weight management program. A good weight management program teaches you how to properly balance the total daily amount of calories going in and out of your body (known as your energy balance) according to measurable changes in your body composition. Weight management then becomes largely a matter of simple math. 

But, if you don't have the proper numbers to do that math, your calorie intake and activity modifications are nothing more than guesswork, and you will probably be too far off to see the results you desire.

New Lifestyle Habits

Following the correct numbers gives you the flexibility to lose weight on a normal balanced diet that includes all of your favorite foods. That means less built-up desire for restricted foods. And, you can choose to lose at a pace that is comfortably manageable for you. The numbers allow you to set and achieve daily goals which keep you motivated. Eventually, following the numbers makes weight management automatic as your modifications become new lifestyle habits. This is the only proven way to permanently manage your weight.

So, dieter beware. Without the right numbers to guide you, you are dependent on sheer willpower and an unbalanced diet. 

What will you do when your ordinary amount of willpower runs out and your cravings for restricted foods become overwhelming? 

Rather than force yourself to adjust to some so-called weight-loss expert's program, why not learn the principles of weight management and apply them to your own lifestyle preferences?

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