What's the Best Way to Learn Weight Management?

Hire a Personal Weight Management Trainer! 

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What is a Personal Weight Management Trainer?
A health and fitness expert who specializes in teaching people the skills necessary to permanently control their weight. At HealthStyle Weight Management Training we use the latest techniques in energy balance and body composition analysis to help our clients achieve and maintain their body weight goals.

Why do I need a Personal Weight Management Trainer?
Just going on a diet doesn't teach you the skills to keep the weight off. Over 95% of dieters regain their weight! In addition, some people would like to increase healthy muscle mass. By providing you with the skills to set your body fat and muscle mass goals, measure your progress, and modify your lifestyle according to your customized preferences, you will learn how to take the guesswork out of weight management for the rest of your life.

How does it work?
You simply continue to eat and perform your normal daily activities in your usual manner. We help you analyze the balance between the energy your body burns off and the energy you derive from your diet...this is your energy balance. Then we guide you as you begin altering your energy balance to achieve and maintain your desired body fat and muscle goals. That's it! It doesn't matter how much you eat and exercise, or what you eat. What matters is how your eating balances out with your activity. You can choose to eat a little or a lot, or be active a little or a lot. You can work toward your goals at a fast pace or a slow pace.

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What are the trainer's credentials?
As the director of HealthStyle Weight Management Training, Ron Brown's background includes a license as a primary health care provider in massage therapy, and certification by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a fitness trainer. He is also the author of The Body Fat Guide. Ron regularly lectures on weight management and makes numerous appearances in the broadcast and print media. 

One third of North Americans are dangerously overweight!
The solution doesn't come in a diet or a pill...the weight comes back when you come off these things. Modifying your lifestyle is the ONLY way to get permanent results...BUT HOW DO YOU DO IT?

You've tried eliminating certain forbidden foods, but that just made you crave them more! You've tried eating less and exercising more...that just left you hungry and tired! And if you eat more, your weight loss screeches to a halt!...ARGGGH! We know your frustration. You need someone to help you get your lifestyle balanced within manageable levels.

Hire a personal weight management trainer. In a few short, easy-to-follow sessions you will learn how to precisely monitor and modify your lifestyle to your customized preferences. You'll be able to see results quickly, and you'll form the habits that make controlling your weight AUTOMATIC FOR LIFE!

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