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 Check Your Percentage Body Fat

Looking for a handy method to check your muscle and body fat levels that's...

Old fashion weight/height tables and Body Mass Index tables are not accurate enough! Look up your body fat percentage and the rest of your body composition information in seconds with...

 The Body Fat Guide
The Easy Way To Analyze Your Body Composition and Energy Balance


The Body Fat Guide will show you how to achieve your ideal body weight and shape. It uses your weight in 1/2 pounds and your waist in 1/4 inches to calculate your:

  1. Pounds of Lean Body Mass (LBM): This is the portion of your body weight, measured in 1/100ths of a pound, that consists of everything (bone, blood, organs, muscle, etc.) except body fat. You will be mainly concerned with changes in skeletal muscle only. To keep your body lean, it is important to keep this number as high as possible as you lose weight.

  3. Pounds of Body Fat: You know what that is! It is important to keep track of this number, measured in 1/100ths of a pound, to make sure you are getting the proper results when losing or gaining weight. It shows changes in fat within your body that the scale alone can't show!

  5. Percentage Body Fat: This is the percentage of your total body weight that is body fat. Regardless of your weight, healthy males should have no higher than approximately 15% body fat and healthy females should have no higher than approximately 22%. Healthy athletes, actresses and models often have much lower body fat percentages. See Celebrity Body Fat. Check your general body fat percentage below to see if you are within the healthy range.

  7. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): This is the number of calories your LBM burns at rest every day. Two people may weigh the same, but if one person has more muscle (LBM) than the other, that person's RMR will be higher. Therefore,  do not use your total body weight to calculate your RMR, as some methods suggest. If you do, you will get a number that can be inaccurate by as much as 1000 calories!  Add your RMR to the calorie value of your daily activities to get your total Energy Output.

The Body Fat Guide shows you how to to easily estimate the calorie value of your daily activities according to several intensity levels:

The Body Fat Guide gives you all the information you need to form your activity and calorie-intake estimates by providing:

No more guesswork! Following your measurements in the The Body Fat Guide will teach you exactly how to:

The web site keeps you up-to-date by providing full online support to readers of The Body Fat Guide, where you will find:

Are You Within A Healthy Body Fat Percentage? 
Do a quick check on these easy-to-use tables for Adult Females & Males. 
Note: These tables are just a general guide. The tables in The Body Fat Guide contain all the specific information you need to get your body fat percentage within a healthy range and achieve your ideal body shape!

How To Use The Female and Male "Healthy Body Fat % Tables"
In one of the Female or Male tables, find the weight listed down the left-hand column that is closest to your weight in pounds. Move to the right along the row with your weight selection until you are under the waist size, listed across the top row in inches, that is closest to your waist size*. If you land in a red box instead of a green box, you are over a healthy body fat percentage. (Approximately 22% for women and 15% for men.) Tables are based on formulas developed by Wilmore and Benke.

*Waist size is measured in inches at the navel, not several inches higher in the area known as the midriff. Your midriff may be the narrowest part of your torso, but that changes as you decrease your body fat. If your belly hangs lower than the top of your hips, make sure your waist measurement doesn't cross over your hip bone. Pregnant women should not use these tables.

FEMALE (100 lbs. -175 lbs.)- Healthy Body Fat % Table

25.75" 26.25" 26.5" 26.75" 27.25" 27.5" 28" 28.25" 28.75" 29" 29.5" 29.75" 30.25" 30.5" 30.75" 31.25" 31.5"
100 lbs 21.9%                                

105 lbs

110 lbs
115 lbs       21.5%                          
120 lbs         22%                        
125 lbs           21.6%                      
130 lbs             22.1%                    
135 lbs               21.7%                  
140 lbs                 22.1%                
145 lbs                   21.8%              
150 lbs                     22.2%            
155 lbs                       21.9%          
160 lbs                         22.2%        
165 lbs                           21.9%      
170 lbs                             21.7%    
175 lbs                               22%  

FEMALE (180 lbs. -255 lbs.)- Healthy Body Fat % Table

31.5" 32" 32.25" 32.75" 33" 33.5" 33.75" 34.25" 34.5" 34.75" 35.25" 35.5" 36" 36.25" 36.75" 37" 37.25"
180 lbs 21.7%                                
185 lbs   22%                              
190 lbs     21.8%                            
195 lbs       22.1%                          
200 lbs         21.9%                        
205 lbs           22.1%                      
210 lbs             21.9%                    
215 lbs               22.2%                  
220 lbs                 21.9%                
225 lbs                   21.7%              
230 lbs                     22%            
235 lbs                       21.8%          
240 lbs                         22%        
245 lbs                           21.8%      
250 lbs                             22.1%    
255 lbs                               21.9%  


MALE (120 lbs. -195 lbs.)- Healthy Body Fat % Table

30.5" 30.75" 31" 31.25" 31.5" 31.75" 32" 32.5" 32.75" 33" 33.25" 33.5" 33.75" 34" 34.25" 34.5" 34.75"
120 lbs 15.2%                                
125 lbs   15.1%                              
130 lbs    
135 lbs       14.9%                          
140 lbs         14.8%                        
145 lbs           14.7%                      
150 lbs             14.7%                    
155 lbs               15.3%                  
160 lbs                 15.2%                
165 lbs                   15.1%              
170 lbs                     15%            
175 lbs                       15%          
180 lbs                         14.9%        
185 lbs                           14.8%      
190 lbs                             14.8%    
195 lbs                               14.7%  

MALE (200 lbs. -275 lbs.)- Healthy Body Fat % Table

35" 35.25" 35.5" 35.75" 36" 36.25" 36.5" 36.75" 37.25" 37.5" 37.75" 38" 38.25" 38.5" 38.75" 39" 39.25"
200 lbs 15.2%                                
205 lbs   15.1%                              
210 lbs     15%                            
215 lbs       15%                          
220 lbs         14.9%                        
225 lbs           14.9%                      
230 lbs             14.8%                    
235 lbs               14.8%                  
240 lbs                 15.2%                
245 lbs                   15.1%              
250 lbs                     15.1%            
255 lbs                       15%          
260 lbs                         15%        
265 lbs                           14.9%      
270 lbs                             14.9%    
275 lbs                               14.8%  

Note from Personal Trainer & Author Ron Brown:
"Before writing The Body Fat Guide, I used to give mathematical formulas to my fitness clients so they could precisely calculate their exact body composition and energy balance as they worked toward their ideal body weight and shape. But, my clients found that performing these calculations each day took up valuable time and effort.

Eventually, I saved my clients the bother of fusing with formulas by doing all the calculations for them ahead of time, and by putting the numbers in The Body Fat Guide. With over 11,000 muscle & body fat combinations in this book, it's easy for anyone to select the goal that's ideal for their body shape.

Why wait weeks to see results when you can see changes in a day or two? With The Body Fat Guide, anyone who knows their weight in half pounds and their waist in quarter inches can quickly and easily look up changes in their muscle and fat levels to the nearest 1/100th of a pound.

If you're serious about getting results that last, this is a 'gotta-have-it' book for you. My personal Risk-Free Guarantee is the best in the business!" Body Fat Guy Diet Myths Fat Guide Love Handles Body Fat Review
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