You know the routine. You go on a diet, start exercising, cut down on the foods you enjoy, and eventually, you lose weight. Then, before you know it, the weight is all back, plus some extra thrown in. Why can't you make your weight loss stick?

  • You're lazy, undisciplined, and lack willpower?
  • You like food and eat too much?
  • You eat the wrong kinds of food?
  • You don't exercise enough?
  • You haven't found the right diet or drug?
  • You don't have the right genes, hormones or fat set point?

NO! Stop beating yourself up! It doesn't matter what kind of diet you follow, or how much you eat or exercise, or what kind of food you eat. And you don't need superhuman willpower. All you need is what most dieters already have; a simple desire to be healthy, toned and lean.

There is a simple reason why 95% of dieters regain their weight. You see, keeping fat off your body requires a whole different set of skills than simply losing weight. No matter how much weight you lose, without mastering these skills, you are bound to slip back into old habits and regain the weight. So, how do you learn these skills? Here's where we begin.

Formulas for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance

First, understand that the formula for successful weight loss is deceptively simple. To lose weight you must burn off more energy than you take in from food. You will lose one pound of body fat every time you eat 3500 fewer calories than your body burns off. To achieve this, you don't need to know the exact amount of calories your body is burning off or taking in. As long as you correctly guess you're eating fewer calories than your body is burning off, you will lose weight.

Now, think about the formula for not gaining the weight back. To avoid regaining weight (or not gaining extra weight in the first place), the energy your body burns off must equal the energy you take in from food. To achieve this it is essential that you feed yourself exactly the same amount of calories as your body burns off. In this way, there will be no surplus calories left over to be stored as extra weight. But, how can you guess this amount of calories? In order to balance your calories, you need to work with specific numbers.

The balance between the number of calories coming into your body and the number of calories your body burns off is known as your energy balance. Controlling your energy balance is like controlling your bank account. If you ignore looking at the specific numbers in your bank account and just try to guess that the money coming into your account equals the money going out…well, do you see the problem? And yet, this is how millions of people attempt to manage their weight every day! They follow all types of restricted and unbalanced diets and other weight control methods that temporarily trick them into getting by on fewer calories...until they run out of willpower. Then they return to their "normal" eating without having learned a thing about controlling their energy balance.

How many calories is your body burning off today? How many calories have you eaten? Are your calories balancing out? Most people cannot correctly answer these questions. That's why they continue to have a weight problem, no matter how much dieting they have done. Just watching your weight and watching what you eat is usually not enough to keep you from regaining the weight you've lost. If that's all it took, none of us would ever have a weight problem to begin with! People need more specific information to guide them and keep them on the right track. Without their energy balance numbers to guide them after losing weight, most people simply begin eating until they can't eat anymore!

Consistently eating to their maximum digestive capacity will rapidly bring most people's weight back to the same starting point, over and over again. This causes them to mistakenly reason that their bodies were "designed" to be this heavier weight. Were they also designed to have an increased risk of :

  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • non-insulin dependent diabetes
  • some forms of cancer
  • osteoarthritis of the lower limbs
  • and back problems?

Being overweight shortens life. Life insurance companies have the mortality statistics to prove it!
Excerpt from The Body Fat Guide by Ron Brown:
"Former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Coop claims that obesity causes the loss of 300,000 U.S. lives every year. He states that obesity is the second leading preventable cause of death in the U.S., just behind cigarette smoking."

What people need to control their weight is a big calorie balance sheet! They need a way to determine how many calories their bodies are burning off everyday. This is the only way they will be able to properly adjust the calories they are eating to maintain control of their weight. They also need an easy and inexpensive way to determine how much of their weight loss is muscle and how much is body fat. See: Percent Fat Page

This is precisely the information you will find in The Body Fat Guide. It tells you how many calories your body burns at rest according to your personal body composition. It takes your weight and waist size and shows you how much muscle you have. The more muscle, the more calories you burn at rest. It shows you how many calories you burn during all your activities, from housework to walking, even sex! It shows you which activities are best for burning fat and which are best for toning muscle. It shows you how many calories are in your food. Then it takes all this information and puts it on an Energy Balance Chart (Use the back button on your browser to return to this page). The chart guides you as you make proper diet and activity modifications.

Eat and Grow Lean

As you balance the numbers on the Energy Balance Chart, you will discover you have a vast range of diet and activity choices. You can eat less, eat more, exercise less, exercise more. Eat whatever you want, whenever you want, and as much as you want. If you get ahead of your feeding schedule, no problem. Just include any extra calories you have eaten into next day's calorie allowance, and stay on track! You stay in control of your weight because you have the knowledge and flexibility to balance all the calories going in and out. No more unhealthy, unbalanced diets, no more restricted foods, and no drugs!

Weight Management TriangleThe Energy Balance Chart shows changes in your muscle and body fat levels, often within a day or two. This allows you to fine tune your diet and activity, and keeps you motivated. Soon, as your diet and activity modifications become new personal habits, you won't need the numbers anymore. This is how you make those permanent lifestyle changes everyone else talks about, but no one manages to teach you to make. Now you can do it for yourself, with the help of The Body Fat Guide.

Remember, don't let all your weight loss results unravel. Stop wasting your time with endless yo-yo dieting and excessive exercise that gets you nowhere. Click here for more information about 
The Body Fat Guide

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